Fire Supression Systems

Fire Suppression Services

We design, supply, install, and maintain Fire Suppression Systems.

Fire suppression systems are installed to suppress and extinguish fires either automatically or manually. Suppression systems are mostly installed in rooms where a fire can cause a large loss in equipment, downtime or revenue.  Common examples where suppression systems are installed are Archive Rooms, MCC Rooms, Server Rooms and Telecommunication rooms.

The two common types of suppression agents to choose from are 1. Inerting gas agents. These are pure gasses stored in cylinders of 200 or 300 bar.  2.Halocarbons gas agents. These are chemical liquids that are converted to gas during discharge and are stored at 25 or 42 bar pressure.

SANS 14520 is the national standard for gas suppression systems. This document gives guidelines and recommendations for the design, installation, testing, maintenance and safety of gaseous firefighting systems.

Below are the other standards to consider when installing a fire suppression system

SANS 246 – for electronic equipment installations.

SANS 306 Part 4 – for CO2 systems

SANS 369 Part 1 – Electrical actuation of gaseous total flooding extinguishing systems

SANS 369 Part 2- Mechanical actuation of gaseous total flooding and local application extinguishing systems

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