Fire Detection

Fire Detection Services

We design, supply, install and maintain Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

Fire detection systems also known as fire alarm systems are installed to provide a warning that there could be a fire in the building that the system is installed, therefore protecting life and property. The warning will alert the occupants who will evacuate as they investigate whether there is a real fire, or it is a false alarm.

Careful consideration needs to be given in the proper design, installation and maintenance of a fire alarm system. SANS 10139 gives guidelines and recommendations for system design, installation and servicing of fire detection systems.  We have inhouse capability and we are committed to ensuring that your fire alarm system complies to SANS 10139.

A properly installed fire alarm system by qualified personnel limits the occurrence of false and nuisance alarms, reduces your insurance premium because you have a compliant system and most importantly gives you a peace of mind knowing that the occupants of the building are protected.

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