Our core business is to design, supply, install and maintain Fire Detection and Alarm System in compliance with SANS 10139 for general buildings, SANS 322 for hospitals and SANS 246 for electronic equipment installations where applicable.

Our personnel are registered with the SAQCC Fire as per required regulation.

Choose the right detection method for the right environment and conditions with assistance from the industry experts.

We have extensive experience in the fire detection and suppression industry and have successfully completed several projects within the Republic of South Africa and in other African countries. ACF Technologies have been providing quality fire detection and suppression installations and maintenance for over 10 years.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing services that add value in all aspects.

Early detection of fire can help save life and your assets. It is therefore crucial to understand various fire and smoke patterns to make the right decision that will suite each specific environment and operating conditions. Our experienced team will assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate detectors and suppression systems to meet your needs.

We will help you develop a suitable maintenance strategy and system lifecycle planning.